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CA40 Laboratory and Small Batch Production Electron Beam Deposition System

Based on the well know Mark 40 system design (CCS design allows for adjustable source to substrate distance and high pumping speed)

  • Improved pump down times and modern Siemens PLC controls
  • Water-cooled chamber and doors
  • Standard, off-the-shelf, best-in-class items used in construction
  • Telemark deposition equipment
  • Liftoff dome, flat plate or tri-dome configurations available
  • Options available: ion source, substrate heating, glow discharge, optical monitor, cryogenic water trap
  • Worldwide service and support
  • CCS supplies NEW systems at fully refurbished system prices!

The CA-40 accommodates a wide variety of deposition equipment, including source shutters, substrate heaters, wire feeders, deposition controllers and power supplies.  A broad selection of interchangeable fixturing is available for the CA-40, including lift-off, flip-type, single-dome or custom.

Using planetary fixturing in the system each deposition cycle can process up to:
20x 4-inch (100mm) wafers, lift off
6x 6-inch (150mm) wafers, lift off
54x 3-inch (75mm) wafers, Tri-dome
27x 4-inch (100mm) wafers, Tri-dome