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Our Reputation

With over 30 combined years of experience, we have committed ourselves to producing the most advanced and efficient thin film deposition systems on the market. By utilizing both our experience and feedback from end users, we have engineered a machine that is unmatched in performance and serviceability. Installation, training and qualification are all part of the support we provide our customers. Our touch screen plc makes it possible to customize all aspects of our systems, ensuring that your process parameters are programmed before your machine is delivered. As a result, the time from point of purchase to the point of use is significantly shortened.

When we started out refurbishing deposition systems, it was not long before we saw room for major improvement. Customers would relay their dissatisfaction with various aspects of the design. Recognizing that most systems currently on the market had not changed their design in the last 30 years, we began to customize and make improvements based on customer feedback. Aside from the outward appearance of our chamber, every aspect of our machine has been modernized using the latest processing technology. Our early experience in refurbishing led to us to design a machine that could easily be serviced. By using parts made by industry leading manufacturers and not custom or proprietary parts, our customers have the satisfaction of obtaining parts worldwide and can easily perform maintenance themselves. In China we currently have several machines working in the industry and are continuing to build more. Now we are excited about entering the U.S market. We are confident that customers will appreciate our modernized and efficient design and strong support.