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CA50 High-Throughput Thin Film Deposition System

The distinctive simplicity of design combined with state-of-the-art components and workmanship ensures trouble-free performance and provides unparalleled serviceability.

The CCS CA-50 Thin Film Deposition System is specifically designed for flexibility and long term reliability in high production metallization environments.  Offering up to 35% more throughput over competing systems and handling wafers up to eight inches, the CA-50 delivers unmatched operating efficiency.

The CA-50 accommodates a wide variety of deposition equipment, including source shutters, substrate heaters, wire feeders, deposition controllers and power supplies.  A broad selection of interchangeable fixturing is available for the CA-50, including lift-off, flip-type, single-dome or custom.

Using planetary fixturing in the system each deposition cycle can process up to:
108x 3-inch wafers
57x 4-inch wafers
42x 5-inch wafers
21x 6-inch wafers
15x 8-inch wafers

Tooling Dome

The CA-50 also provides an expanded choice in sources. The system can be supplied with any commercially available source, ranging from single and multiple electron beam sources, magnetron sputtering sources, resistance sources, ion-beam sources and RF induction sources.

Our systems also accept leading OEM tooling domes.

We believe in making our product perform better in less time. One of the improvements is our Highvac valve upgrade. This is an industry standard VAT valve with an ISO style flange. With this valve configuration the CA-50 can pump to 5.5 x 10^-7 in about 10 minutes.Water cooling the inlet port to the cryo pump chamber ensures that no heat will pass through.