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System Controls

Touchscreen PLC System Controller


CCS Thin Film Deposition Systems come with an industrial grade programmable logic controller that is connected to an industrial grade color touch screen. It runs on CCS developed software that encompasses full vacuum system control, integrated heat process control, an automatic deposition output signal and a complete cryogenic pump regeneration controller, all in a single package.

A simple to use touch screen layout with a wide field of view, vivid color and contrast, displays all valves, pumps, swithces and their open/closed status in real time making it easy to operate and troubleshoot. This user interface allows one touch fully automatic control as well as individual component manual control in password protected service mode.

  • Integrated PID 4-20 ma signal for SCR heat control.
  • Integrated TC input module.
  • Integrated Electron beam gun pocket indexing control.
  • Data Logging

All subcomponents used in the CA-50/CA-150 come from World-Class suppliers