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Optional Components

Water Vapor Cryotraps 

Model 3600

Telemark has developed a new line of cryogenic water vapor traps. Improved technology within the Telemark TVP water vapor cryotraps delivers performance and reliability.

TVP Water Vapor Cryotraps are fully compatible with your existing vacuum system installation. Careful attention has been paid to the interface between the user and the cryotrap and the way in which the TVP is connected to the vacuum system.

An advanced digital control system allows all aspects of the process to be monitored. The on-board system enables simple and seamless integration of the TVP into your existing process control.

Together with our improved pumping system a process chamber cryocoil provides in situ high speed pumping of water vapor: This allows for extremely fast pump downs to base pressure. Fast pump down, with the efficient trapping of water vapor in the chamber, is a key requirement for maximum efficiency in thin film coating.